Our Team

Neil Bosworth, Director

Neil Bosworth
Director & Secretary

Neil deals with the day-to-day project planning and management of N&P, and empowers the N&P engineers to make the biggest impact possible for the company and our customers.

Phil Bosworth, Director

Phil Bosworth

Phil ensures that N&P consistently deliver on projects, on time, with quality. Phil proactively deals with the technical aspect supporting our engineers in their day-to-day activities.

John Clarke, Engineer

John Clarke

John is extremely experienced and responsible for the programming, maintaining, repairing and testing of CNC machines so that they can effectively carry out the functions necessary for a given customer.

Murray Dean, Service Engineer

Murray Dean
Service Engineer

Murray assists in the managing of CNC equipment from setup to operation. Also completes all the necessary servicing, identifying and monitoring machinery, inspecting and completing test runs on completion.

Jodie Bosworth, Accounts Administrator

Jodie Bosworth
Accounts Administrator

Jodie's responsibilities include reviewing and reconciling accounts, processing payments to external partners, maintaining updated records of invoices and receipts, and ensuring accounts and returns are kept up-to-date.

Alison Rees, Office Administrator

Alison Rees
Office Administrator

Alison is your first point of contact, within N&P, ensuring a prompt & efficient customer service. She is also extremely valuable in the day-to-day processing and completion of office management.

Over 30 Years Collective Experience

The Directors of N&P Engineering Services, Neil and Phil Bosworth, both worked for Pullmax Limited and then Bystronic UK Limited, where Neil Bosworth became Senior Service Engineer and Phil Bosworth was regarded as one of the most Senior Engineers.

The team at N&P Engineering Services also consists of Murray Dean, John Clarke, Jodie Bosworth & Alison Rees.

John Clarke joined us seven years ago and brings a vast amount of experience to further strengthen our team of engineers. John previously worked for Pullmax Limited and Bystronic UK Limited in excess of twelve years and is highly regarded within the industry. Murray Dean joined us as an apprentice.

Alison is the office administration and plays a crucial part in the company's day to day business, providing excellent customer service, ensuring rapid response times and unbeatable service and keeping prompt & effective communication with our engineers. Alison is assisted by Jodie, the accounts administrator.